Many blood tests can be ordered through Lifelabs.  There are set fees for each test and requisitions will be given during your office visit. 

Food Sensitivity Tests

120 foods panel:                   $165 plus GST

160 food vegetarian panel:  $299 plus GST

200 foods panel:                    $379 plus GST

Hair Analysis

Analyses heavy metal toxicity and mineral levels   $90 plus GST

Salivary Hormone Testing

Prices vary. 

Female panel - 5 hormones tested on day 21 of the cycle.   Estrogen, Progesterone, Cortisol, Testosterone, DHEA. 

Month long hormone assessment - A salivary sample is collected at home every third day for one month.  Once all 11 samples are collected, they are analyzed for estrogen and progesterone.  A pooled sample is analyzed for Testosterone, Cortisol and DHEA. 

Male Panel

4 hormones are tested - Testosterone, DHEA, Cortisol and Progesterone. 

Melatonin-Cortisol Index

Determines the relationship to stress hormones and melatonin.  It is often used for insomnia diagnosis. 

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