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Elapromed Facial

The Elapromed facial is a non-invasive treatment which uses electronic micro-impulses to open the pores in the skin and allow up to 70ml of natural formulations into the dermis. 

Treatments are booked as 1 hour appointments with the treatment taking 35 minutes.  Skin is prepped and cleansed prior to treatment. 

There are 7 individualized treatment options such as anti-acne/oil control, rosacea and redness, skin moisturizing, brightening for dark spots, vital cell for anti aging and hydration, scalp/hair growth, anti-gravity for firming and lifting. 

During the treatment, there is also an option to add peptides for anti-wrinkle and boosting collagen.  Other options include filling fine lines and wrinkles, without  breaking the skin. 

You will leave the appointment with effective and noticeable results  during this relaxing facial.


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