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Information about the Services and Modalities offered by Dr. Jacks

Dr. Jacks maintains a general family practice helping everyone to achieve their optimal health.  Naturopathic Medicine is beneficial for a wide range of conditions from pre-natal care to geriatrics. 

Clinical Nutrition

The foundation of health is built on nutrition.  Dietary changes may be recommended along with specific nutritional supplements. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The energy flow through the body is balanced through the use of acupuncture and Oriental herbs. 

Herbal Medicine

Lifestyle Counseling

Your health is affected by your physical, mental and emotional state.  Lifestyle counseling will help to direct you to better choices in all aspects of your life.  

Western Botanical Medicine

Plant substances are used for their healing effects based on their historical use and modern pharmacology.  This may involve individualized liquid herbs or herbal capsules. 


Green Goodness


A systematized method of clinical evaluation and medical treatment.  Homeopathy is based on the fundamental principle  of "like cures like".  Homeopathy involves minute amounts of natural substances to stimulate the body's  self healing abilities.

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